Free Runners Masonic Order WorldwideTo provide a tight knit order for Freemasons with similar interests and for Masons a little rougher around the edges. Members are enthusiasts of motorcycles and tattoos. At this time (April 2019) we currently have Members in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. We also have members in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These aren't open for debate, and we won't change. This is simply information.

What is Free Runners?

We are a group of regularly initiated Free Masons in good standing with a regular Lodge. We are a bit rougher around the edges than the typical Mason but believe that it is the INTERNAL QUALIFICATIONS that make a man a Freemason. We love and ride motorcycles, and have an affection for tattoos.

Why didn't you join a Masonic riding club or group that's already established?

There are a lot of good Masonic Riding Association's out there and some large riding groups. We respect them, consider them Brothers of course, and love what they do. That said, our personality types typically don't fit in with them. Our mindset about wearing a patch, and our goals don't fit in with the groups already established. We aren't better than they are, and they are not our competition. We are just different is all.  Freemasonry doesn't allow political discussion within the Lodge, and Free Runners doesn't allow political influence within our group.

Are you "sanctioned" or approved by any Grand Lodge?

No we are not, and we don't have intentions to seek it. If we get it, great, but we aren't looking for that recognition. The reason is we are not an official group/club/representation of any Grand Lodge or Blue Lodge is: Every Mason, to a certain extent represents his Grand Lodge, but the group as a whole does not. We respect and support all Regular Grand Lodges, but don't discuss their operations and inner-workings in our group or our activities. We do not admit clandestine or irregular Masons, and only seek fellowship and a deeper brotherhood with Brothers cut from the same cloth. We don't make money off of our members or off of Freemasonry either. We are simply an unofficial group of Freemasons with similar interests that enjoy the brotherhood of our members who don't fit the stereotypical "mold" of what a Freemason looks like. We aren't the suit & tie type. Unless it's a Stated Meeting of course.

What's the purpose of Free Runners?

Our first purpose is just to have a group that has the same love for motorcycles, hotrod's, tattoos, or whatever it may be...  although mainly motorcycles...  and have that group be made up of Freemasons of the same mindset and personality types (generally speaking).  We also are a way to show the world that the stereotype for a Freemason isn't always correct. We have already had numerous messages and emails from guys that didn't know you could be a Freemason and have tattoos, or like motorcycles, and then ask us how to get more information from a Lodge about becoming a Freemason. We then do the leg work and give them Lodge information close to them, ensuring it's a regular Lodge. We are a good way to beat stereotypes and generate interest from the outside. As we continue to grow, we will continue to take more part in charity events as well and rides around the country.

Who founded Free Runners?

A 26 year old Mason in good standing with a regular Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Valley in Virginia.  He is a former and honorably discharged U.S. Marine with about 5.5 years active duty service as a helicopter door gunner/crew chief, and at the end of his hitch was a crew chief on the Presidential Marine One helicopters, spanning two different Presidential administrations.

Where are your chapters located?

We will only go into specifics via email, please contact us here.